Users can access zoning information by specific address or by areas of the city thanks to the City of Springfield Zoning Map. Included with the zoning information is the parcel number and available documents, along with the ability to email questions directly to the city’s zoning administrator.

The predominant zoning district existing in the downtown area is S-3. The City of Springfield’s S-3 zoning district is the designation for the Central Shopping District. This zoning district is designed as a mixed-use area, providing for a wide-range of retail stores, office buildings, and amusement and service activities which occupy prime retail frontage in a centrally located and intensively developed business area.

It also is intended to include areas of concentrated business activities where nearly all the frontage has long been taken up by contiguous buildings. For this reason, different bulk regulations apply to the S-3 district than apply in newer or less concentrated areas, making it virtually impossible for separate off-street parking facilities to be provided for each individual establishment.

It is an additionally mixed-use area as City code allows for all uses allowed in the City’s S-2 (Community Shopping and Office District) and S-1 (Neighborhood Commercial and Office District) districts to also be allowed in the S-3. Since S-1 allows for residential uses above the first -floor, they are then also allowed in the downtown S-3 district, adding a residential use to the study area’s mix.

Much of the area from Madison Street south to Capitol Avenue between the 3rd Street rail corridor and 9th Street is S-3. The general exception to this appears to be the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library, and the park south of the former train station at the northwest corner of Jefferson Street and 6th Street.


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