Old Capitol Goods Joins Studio on 6th Community Room

When Dana Homann and her family closed Old Capitol Goods last month she was a little overwhelmed. After 14 years running her shop, it was understandably an emotional time. Her good friend Alicia Bibb, owner of Studio on 6th, stepped in to help. “I was over at Dana’s shop and she was discussing what to do with leftover inventory”, Alicia explained, “and I thought, I have a way to help”.

When Alicia bought Studio on 6th almost 6 years ago, the back room of the shop was a break room. It was filled with mismatched furniture and messes. One of the first things she changed after taking ownership was to turn this space into a community outreach room. It began with selling artwork from special needs artists. “As word spread, it became difficult to keep that work in stock” Alicia said. The shop offers free coffee, reading materials and there is seating for conversation. More and more artists and organizations have begun to participate, and it’s easy to feel the community in this room.

Alicia encouraged Dana to sell her leftover inventory in this space and to designate a charity for a percentage of the proceeds to go to. The two friends decided to keep it in the neighborhood and chose Downtown Springfield, Inc. When asked what DSI means to them, Alicia gushed appreciation for the promotional help. “As we all know, running a business is difficult, especially a small, local one. We need all the help we can get. This is our way of giving back” she explained. “This is a win, win, win – and those are the deals I like to make” Dana added.

The new partnership will fill a hole left when Old Capitol Goods closed. You can find all the classic Springfield items like Mike Manning prints, Lincoln souvenirs, handmade wood toys, historical prints and more.

Alicia & Dana met 6 years ago when Dana’s shop was next door to Studio on 6th at Tinsley Dry Goods. “I would pop over and ask if my outfit was ok, or which necklace I should wear” Dana said with a laugh. Now, Dana will help out at Studio on 6th in her down time. She even plans to bring in Winston, her dog sometimes. “I’m excited to help such an incredible woman”, she said. The supportive friendship that the two have developed is obvious.

Over the last six years, Studio on 6th has donated to St. John’s Breadline, Helping Hands, Girls on the Run, Compass for Kids, SPARC, Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault, Sojourn House and many, many more. This shop is a testament to keeping local dollars local. “I want to encourage everyone to get downtown and put their spending money into the small businesses that make a difference” said Dana.

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