iSpi Deep Dive: Cultural Competencies

The progression toward cultural competence and understanding is vital to effective entrepreneurship, and to maximizing one’s business reach and network. This presentation will broaden your understanding of cultural competence and the nuances therein, addressing individual and systems level prejudices, use of language, and self-evaluation. You will walk away from this course with a better understanding of your global audience, and the awareness to communicate effectively with diverse populations.

Learning Objectives
Participants will gain an understanding of workplace diversity and inclusion.
Course will cover system level privilege and oppression.
participants will gain cultural competencies to help them reach a broader audience with their business.

Facilitated by Susan Faupel, MSW, Training Institute Director, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault

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iSpi Deep Dive: Public Speaking & Making the sale through effective communication

You’ll leave this interactive session ready to take center stage. In this training you will learn the important ways that public speaking and writing differ, and will be challenged to find your authentic voice and posture to succeed at public speaking. Participants will practice and prepare elevator speeches and receive immediate feedback from one another.

Learning objectives
Participants will be challenged to concisely tell their story.
Develop an elevator pitch.
Learn the tips and tricks of talking in front of an audience.
Participants will gain feedback through peer critique.

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iSpi Deep Dive: Canvas and Cocktails

Lead by: Sarah Beth Eck, Community Manager @ iSPI and their Amazing Chalk Artist

Creativity skills and innovation training are recognized as start-up essentials – after all, being different is a major source of competitive advantage. In this workshop you’ll explore techniques to help you unlock your creativity and transform ideas into reality.

Learning Objective: Untap creative energy while creating a masterpiece.

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iSPI Case Study: How to Pivot When Your Market is Shifting

Markets change; don’t get stuck in a rut. No one has a crystal ball, but this workshop will help you identify the signs that your market is shifting and ways that you can shift with it.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will learn how to forecast market trends and learn how to quickly pivot their business.

Facilitated by Staci Crane, CISA, MBA, Internal Audit Director, Horace Mann

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iSPI Deep Dive: Investment

Angel Investment, Series A, seed funding… what does it all mean, and when do I need it?

Learning Objective:
Participants will gain a clearer understanding of the various types of investments and will learn when to seek and how to ask for investment based on their business stage.

Facilitated by Greg Turk, Director of Investments at Teachers Retirement System of Illinois

DSI members get a discount and only pay $15 for this session. If you don’t have the DSI Member code, email Lisa in the DSI office.

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