A Reporter Interviews General Grant

“A Reporter Interviews General Grant” by Judy Wagenblast and Larry Werline


Writer Judy Wagenblast and Larry Werline interact in “A Reporter Interviews General Grant”

Lincoln, Gettysburg, and Smallpox

“Lincoln, Gettysburg, and Smallpox” presented by Dr. Donald Graham, MD

It’s little known fact that President Lincoln was in the first stages of smallpox when he delivered the Gettysburg Address. Learn more from Dr. Graham as he delves deeper into the illness facing Lincoln as he gave one of his most famous speeches.

General W.H.L. Wallace at Fort Donelson and Shiloh

“General W.H.L. Wallace at Fort Donelson and Shiloh” presented by Dan Schott and Ron Slack.

Both  Dan Schott and Ron Slack are members of the Civil War Round Table based out of Ottawa, Illinois. Ottawa is also the burial site of General Wallace, who General Ulysses S. Grant called one of his best generals.

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