Music at the Museum

The Sweet Potatoes come out of Southern California to dish up their own unique blend of country, folk and homespun Americana. Featuring acoustic guitars, accordion and harmonica, their music has a back porch charm all its own.

Kelly Macleod (songwriter, guitar, and vocals) and Laura Hall (songwriter, guitar, accordion and vocals) and Rick Hall (bass, harmonica and vocals) have all been in show business in one way or another for years. Kelly cut her teeth singing in the band Private Life. Laura is best known as the pianist on the long running hit TV show, Whose Line Is It Anyway, while Rick’s day job is as an actor on TV, doing everything from Centrum commercials, to NCIS. Kelly and Laura write write original songs rooted in the family ties that made them the women they are today; songs about finding and appreciating love, having faith, family and home.

$10.00 per person, $8.00 for museum members and kids under 12

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