Kidzeum of Health and Science

Kidzeum of Health and Science
Name: Kidzeum of Health and Science

Effective March 17, 2020, Kidzeum will be closed until Springfield School District 186 reopens due to precautions from the coronavirus.

It’S NOT just fun, It’s educational!

Tickle a giant nose and make it sneeze! Learn how fast a sneeze travels.
Climb through the brain, spine and gooey intestines of our three-story human body exhibit featuring “Active Alex!” Learn about the major body systems and how to stay healthy
Create your own weather report at WKID Weather Station. Learn about weather patterns and what meteorologists do.
Plant your veggies in our interactive garden. Learn what foods help YOU grow.
Explore our splashy water table! Learn about soil erosion, floods and dams
Make yourself at home in our green-built playhouse. Learn about green home construction and see what’s hot and what’s not as you stand in front of our thermal-imaging camera!

Phone Number: 217-971-4435
Address: 412 E. Adams St
ZIP Code: 62701