The Cathedral Church of St. Paul

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul

The Cathedral Church of Saint Paul the Apostle is a Christian church. We are devoted disciples of Jesus Christ who, though sinners, stand forgiven before God because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. We endeavor to daily live out our vows taken before God at our baptism and renewed at our confirmation. We believe that the Kingdom of God is being revealed every day through the work of His Church and we are honored and humbled to be a part of that incredible work.

While we acknowledge the damage that has been done by selfish and corrupt individuals in the name of Christianity we also rejoice that the Church has been at the forefront of medicine, science, psychology, and humanitarian aid. We seek to continue Christ's command to spread peace, hope, and love to everyone we meet regardless of the circumstance we meet them in, just as Jesus did for us.

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815 S Second Street
Springfield, IL
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