Your Corner Office

Your Corner Office


Your Corner Office is located in Downtown Springfield, IL and is a shared working space that provides resources business professionals can leverage to collaborate, meet with clients, and host productive meetings. This co-working environment is designed to help yield higher productivity while encouraging you to grow personally and professionally.

We are committed to help our members build relationships within the community by fostering a networking atmosphere with a diverse group of entrepreneurs, freelances, small business owners, remote workers, travelers, and working professionals. Your Corner Office offers services like workshops, training, business mentoring, recruiting, and social networking events to help support your career development and grow your business.

Across the country, the concept of a dedicated co-working space is expanding as companies move towards virtual work environments. Your Corner Office aims to meet the needs of smaller companies, sole proprietors, and community groups looking to expand from their home or the local coffee shop to a more professional setting. Whether you are a start-up, non-profit, or small business, large leases may not make sense. Share business resources and connect with other like -minded individuals and groups.

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Your Corner Office was registered as an assumed name under parent company Synergetic Solutions, Inc.

Synergetic Solutions is a consulting firm that provides client focused strategies to identify business opportunities to develop creative solutions to exceed client expectations. We provided consulting and training services related to human resource/personnel development and management.

As the founder of this consulting firm, I dedicated myself to delivering solutions related to personnel strategic planning, moral improvement, and the challenges of “doing more with less.”

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