Coming Soon….The Fido Project

The Fido Project is a series of bronze puppies inspired by Lincoln’s dog that will be installed throughout the downtown neighborhood in 2021. This public art project is guaranteed to delight families and children as they make their way on foot between historic sites.

Erin Svendsen, Education Director at the Springfield Art Association and  DSI Design Committee Chair, has been spearheading this project. Ten sculptors are currently working on their sketches and maquettes: Nathan Millspaugh, Danny Brikshavana, Betsy Dollar, Kate Kutmas, Sam Brown, Rachel Cooper, Will Norris, Erin Svendsen, Ginger Lukas, and Barbie LaFrance. A maquette is a sculptor’s small preliminary model or sketch (we didn’t know either!).

The pieces will be cast at Art Casting of IL, Inc. in Oregon, IL.

The “Pet my belly puppy,” as sketched by Rachel Cooper, will ultimately be installed near Kidzeum. “Puppy with a Bone,” by Erin Svendsen and in maquette form, will be installed near INB.

The sculptors will meet again in November for the building of the armatures (a metal framework on which a sculpture is molded with clay or similar material).

Contact Erin to find out more.