Cheers to 30 Years! DSI Celebrates Excellence with 2023 Annual Dinner & Awards.

At the heart of downtown Springfield, there is a sense of unity and shared purpose that DSI strives to embody. Our recent Annual Dinner served as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and innovation that centers downtown Springfield as a vibrant and welcoming hub for all. This year, the event looked back to celebrate past accomplishments as well as the promising future ahead.

A Night to Remember

The 2023 Annual Dinner & Awards, held on the evening of October 18, 2023, was a spectacular gathering that brought together our community members, elected officials, business owners, and supporters of downtown Springfield. It was an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past year, highlight the contributions of individuals and organizations to the betterment of our neighborhood, and set the tone for the future of our beloved downtown. A highlight of this reflection is the presentation of awards to honor the outstanding accomplishments of businesses, volunteers, and pillars of our community.

Best New Renovation: Marty & Laurie Haxel’s 312 E Adams Street Apartments

This award celebrates innovation and excellence in the revitalization and restoration of downtown architecture, recognizing those who have demonstrated a commitment to preserving the heritage of our neighborhood while breathing new life into its landscape.

Best New Business: Ad Astra Wine Bar & Market

Awarded to a newly established business (opened within the past year) that has made a significant impact on our downtown community. This award celebrates entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and a commitment to the vitality and growth of downtown.

Best Collaborative Effort: Levitt AMP Springfield Music Series

This award recognizes and celebrates outstanding examples of collaboration among individuals, organizations, or groups that have come together to achieve a common goal aimed at the betterment of our downtown community. 

Cornerstone Award: Isringhausen Imports

The Cornerstone award honors businesses that have demonstrated unwavering commitment, resilience, and longevity in our downtown community and celebrates their role in shaping downtown’s character and prosperity.

Volunteer of the Year: Jay Shanle

The Volunteer of the Year award honors individuals who have dedicated their time, energy, and passion to efforts that enhance the vibrancy of downtown. This award celebrates the contributions of volunteers who selflessly give back to make our downtown a better place to live, work, and play.

Downtown Advocate of the Year: Monica Zanetti

This accolade celebrates those who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the betterment of our downtown area, turning it into a thriving, vibrant hub for commerce, culture, and community engagement.

Wally Henderson Lifetime Achievement: Barb Malany

This award recognizes a lifetime of dedication, innovation, and leadership that has shaped the heart and soul of Springfield. Recipients of this award have displayed an unwavering commitment to the betterment of our downtown area, leaving an indelible mark on its character, prosperity, and vitality.

Looking Forward

The 2023 Annual Dinner & Awards was more than just an awards ceremony; it was a celebration of the collective spirit that drives downtown Springfield’s progress. The event was a reminder of the limitless potential that exists when a community comes together to work towards a common goal. As we look ahead, it’s clear that the future of downtown Springfield is bright. With dedicated individuals and organizations leading the way, our community continues to evolve and thrive. The 2023 Annual Dinner was a night to remember, at it reaffirmed the belief that the heart of Springfield beats strong and vibrant in its downtown.

Downtown Springfield Inc’s Annual Dinner showcased the importance of recognizing and celebrating the dedication and innovation that fuels this community’s growth. We eagerly anticipiate the development and achievement that next year will bring, as Springfield continues to transform into somewhere that all who live, work, and play here can be proud of.

Photography by 1221 Photography. View the full album here.