Experience Living in Downtown Springfield

Have you ever considered living in our beautiful downtown or been curious about what it would be like? We interviewed three residents to share their experiences with you.

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Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

“My name is Trevor Herbert and I moved downtown a little over a year ago and work at the Illinois Department of Revenue which is close to my apartment. My fiance and I will be tying the knot in January of 2022. I am a very social person and a lover of sports and live music.”

“My name is Ronni Norton and I’m an Illinois native who moved directly to Colorado after graduating college to pursue a professional career. I moved back to Illinois in 2019 to be closer to family and was lucky enough to land a job here locally comparable to the one I had out West (which helped the transition). That’s how I landed in Springfield. I just turned 30. I have a business. I love to travel, hike, and bake- though work seems to be where I spend most of my time. I feel fortunate that after two years I’m beginning to meet people I resonate with within this community.”

“My name is Beth Ley and I’m originally from Rochester and moved Downtown about three & a half years ago.  After years of working and socializing in Springfield, I realized most of my life was concentrated downtown so I made the decision to move here in March of 2018.

Q: How long have you lived Downtown?

Trevor: “I have lived Downtown for a little over a year now. I moved in around August of 2020.”

Ronni: “​​I moved to a central location in downtown about six months ago, though I had always lived near downtown.”

Beth: “Since March of 2018”

Q; Where do you live Downtown, and have you lived in another area of Downtown Springfield?

Trevor: “This is my first time living in Downtown Springfield. Prior to moving to the apartment, I live in now I lived off of Edwards St. Currently I live in Lincoln Square with access to my apartment from Monroe Street.”

Ronni: ”I live about a 2-minute walk to Custom Cup Coffee for reference. I used to live closer to Washington Park. It was so nice to have a place close by for running, biking and walking. However, the new bike path downtown will hopefully provide a safe, designated place to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Beth: “I live on 4th Street near 4th & Adams in a lovely apartment at Lincoln Place with my puppy, Olive.”

Q: If you could live in another area of downtown where would it be?

Trevor: “I have always loved the apartments that are above the retailers near Adams!”

Ronni: “I like my current location – it’s safe and close to downtown. I also have a yard with my complex. I would never move unless I found an even better place. For me, that would be a cool loft apartment with greenspace nearby.”

Beth: “If I didn’t live on 4th Street, I’d probably like to live on East Adams.  I love what Brick City Apartments did with the space over there.  However, my favorite perspective of downtown is actually from the grounds of Horace Mann.  It’s such a beautiful view of our little bubble.”

Q: How did you find your space to live?

Trevor: “I have pretty much always known about this space just from living in Springfield. I found out it was available though through”

Ronni:Facebook marketplace.” 

Q: Tell us a little about your space downtown and what you like about your apartment?

Trevor: “I live in a Townhome on the second floor. Other people live in the building as well. Our space is about 1200 sq ft, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a living room and kitchen. In the center of our complex, there is a pool, a community area with tables, and grills for renters to use.”

Ronni: “I work downtown, so my living location is incredibly convenient. Another bonus, I’m 10-15 minutes away from anywhere in Springfield. I personally feel like downtown is generally safer than most other neighborhoods in the immediate area.”

Beth: “The entire west wall of my apartment is windows so when I moved in I became a houseplant person. If you walk by & see vines growing all over inside, that’s me :)”

Q: What is your favorite thing about living Downtown?

Trevor: “It was actually my Roommate who wanted to live downtown. I was on the fence because I was unsure about how the parking situation would be. But now that we live here we have not had any issue with parking and I enjoy the easy access to food and local restaurants, breweries, and festivals. There is never a shortage of things to do – you can always find somewhere to eat for lunch and dinner. It’s easy to walk around to different places and, see the sights and historic areas. If you’re bored it’s pretty much your own fault.”

Ronni: “I’m a young professional, I own my own company, I like to dine and shop. Downtown just makes sense. In addition, I’m a huge fan of Springfield’s downtown neighborhood. I see a lot of potential in it becoming a strong downtown that will have a positive impact on the surrounding community. Downtown Springfield is an exciting place. It’s my kind of place. I choose it. Downtown Springfield is the perfect place to make new friends and acquaintances. Just like any other neighborhood, you can expect to meet people- but downtown has a special character and charm. Not to mention many of the businesses downtown are locally owned, which offers a dose of determination and levity that you can’t help but respect. I honestly feel happier and safer living downtown, which has improved my quality of life. Another great feature, it’s so easy to get around!”

Beth: “What I love about living downtown is constantly running into friends & neighbors while going about my day. That doesn’t happen so much in rural areas like Rochester and after 3 1/2 years of living here, the novelty of that hasn’t worn off for me.  I’m also lucky enough to have the Old Capitol Farmers Market right outside my door every week for 6 months.  I love the community and energy that brings downtown.  The Adams Family neighborhood is my favorite area of DT, mostly because I call it home, but also because I can walk into Cafe Moxo & Courtney knows I want an iced coffee without even asking and John at Elf Shelf always plays my favorite song at Sunday Night Groove; Rylie at Buzz Bomb pours me a Satchel of Richards when she sees me on the sidewalk and Patrick at Reverie Apparel always takes time to let me rip on him; everyone knows Olive when we take a walk and she’s spoiled with treats and belly scratches. Adams Street is its own super-inclusive micro-neighborhood within downtown and the family & friends that come with that are unmatched.  Another favorite for a social butterfly like me is the nightlife.  Most weekends Buzz Bomb hosts live music or 217 Burlesque is performing.  That’s crazy to me….that I can walk outside and there’s a literal circus right around the corner!” 

Q: What would you recommend to someone looking to move downtown?

Trevor: “If you’re a single person or you and your partner are on the same page go for it. It’s great if you work downtown because everything is so close by. You’re not that far from restaurants and places to hang out.” 

Ronni: “I would say do it. Downtown is really fun. The more like-minded people who move into the area, the more vibrant it becomes. I am not from Springfield, so I have a different perspective from someone who has lived here. I would ask those to try to see it from a new perspective. My advice for those not in a position to move downtown: get involved, volunteer, find your niche and let’s all work together to revive Downtown Springfield.”

Beth: “ For someone looking to live downtown I would say, consider your lifestyle when deciding the best area to settle on.  I like the live music and energy of the crowd on Adams street; to me that’s the best part of living here.  But if you prefer a more quiet, chill vibe, maybe fire-breathing clowns dancing in the dark aren’t your thing.”


Want to learn more? We’ve collected some resources for you to help you get started:


Where to look for places to live Downtown:

Where to live downtown:

Centre @ 501 

Beautiful downtown living. Come take a look at these brand-new apartments in a re-purposed church. One and two-bedroom units are available. In-unit washer/dryer. Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Secure access to the building. Plenty of retail, bars, and restaurants within walking distance.

The Villas Downtown Springfield

At the Villas Downtown, you’ll be immersed in a tapestry of convenient neighborhood features, events, and design. From the moment you move into any of the apartment rentals in Springfield, IL at The Villas Downtown, you’ll be connected to the best in modern amenities. 

Brick City Apartments

Brick City understands that it is important to love where you live.  As a result, they strive to provide high-quality apartments in the historic heart of Springfield, IL. All units have been remodeled with care.  While the apartments maintain their historic charm, they also offer many modern amenities. 

The St Nick Apartments

The St. Nicholas Hotel is a historic hotel building located at 400 E. Jefferson St. in Springfield, Illinois, US. The original building of the St. Nicholas Hotel was constructed in 1855. An annex was built on the hotel in 1910, and the current main building was constructed in 1924.

Lincoln Square Apartments

Lincoln Square Apartments has been in business since 1992 and is located in the heart of the business district in downtown Springfield, IL. The community has been voted “Best Apartments” in 2013 by Illinois Times, as well as the winner of the “Reader’s Choice” award from the State Journal-Register in 2012, 2013, and 2014. 

Lincoln Tower

Stop by Lincoln Tower Apartments today to find the perfect place to call home! If you are searching for a one, two, or three-bedroom apartment, Lincoln Tower Apartments has what you’re looking for! The fully-equipped kitchen combined with a spacious design will make your new apartment a place to both relax and entertain.

St George Apartments

Opening in May 2017, the St George Apartments in Downtown Springfield will features luxury apartment living. Each apartment features a unique layout with premium amenities.


If you need additional help in your move Downtown, feel free to contact DSI at 217-544-1723 and we can provide you with information on residences with availabilities.