Three blocks of one of the most heavily travelled roads in downtown Springfield are getting an artistic boost thanks to a new DSI ARTification installation. When you visit Monroe Street between 3rd and 6th Streets, you will find windows featuring fantastic digital artwork. These unique collaborative artworks were created by Springfield High School art students taught by Beth Pianezza and Tara Starling. The installation of student work is interwoven with quotes from Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity by author Charles L. Marohn Jr., which was the subject of DSI’s first book club and the impetus for the creation of a Strong Springfield Facebook page by book club members.

The creation of this allows these young local artists to establish deeper connections with others and the community  while practicing social distancing and in doing so, supporting DSI’s transformation strategy to enhance the physical and visual assets that set downtown Springfield apart as an Arts and Entertainment District. This bright and vibrant artwork highlights our creative and inviting environment while also celebrating the historic characteristics of the buildings, reminding passersby of the intrinsic value of the downtown neighborhood.  

This project was made possible by a grant from the Springfield Area Arts Council and the following generous sponsors: Solomon Colors; Springfield Electric; Crawford Murphy & Tilly; and Bank of Springfield. The fabrication and installation is being done by Solution Printing.



Gracie Kaisner– Gracie’s artwork is a variety of swirls, circles, and repetitive shapes that looks heavily inspired by the fun 60’s patterns and colors. (524 E. Monroe Street). 

Emily Brower– Emily Brower’s artwork looks to be inspired by the beautiful stained glass in Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings with cutouts to let the sun through.(305 Monroe Street). 

Ayva Corbitt– Ayva’s artwork provides viewers with a bright and happy feeling even on the gloomiest day with a sun rising over a hilly landscape.(301 Monroe Street). 

Alissa Egan– Alissa’s artwork has texture so real it looks like you could feel it! Three flowers are placed side by side, yellow, pink, and orange with a fun blue background. (309 Monroe Street). 

Amelia Bluhm– Amelia’s artwork has bright colors that are sure to catch your eye driving or walking down Monroe. She has bold green, red, blue, and purple layered half circles throughout her piece. (524 E. Monroe Street).

Brooklynn Troemper- Brooklynn’s artwork shows a young boy painting on the ground with a variety of beautiful and bright colors. (518 E. Monroe Street)

Emily Holtrop– Emily Holtrop’s artwork shows two hands formed around a terracotta pot with small flowers starting to grow. She also has a monarch butterfly flying over the top of the flower pot. (310 Monroe Street)

Thanks to this DSI Committee!

Erin Svendsen
Ivy Molen
Brenda Stroh
Katherine Cadagin
Tara Starling
Stephanie Martin
Lisa Clemmons Stott
Kayla Graven
Taylor Moore

We could not be more excited as to how this ARTification project turned out! Tara Starling and Beth Pianezza and the SHS students listed as well as others worked diligently to create this art for the people of Springfield to enjoy.

“This was such a great opportunity for our students, they had to take their community into consideration when they were creating their artwork which was a welcomed challenge. This is such a wonderful reminder  that even through a very difficult school year really incredible things can happen.” -Tara Starling

“We are so proud of all of the students that participated and very impressed by the top 7 that had their artwork chosen for this project. We hope to continue to expand on our community collaborations. Thank you to DSI and SAA for collaborating with us!” -Beth Pianezza