Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space Partners with Henson Robinson Zoo

Pharmacy Gallery artists volunteered their time and talent in September 2020 as part of the celebration of Henson Robinson Zoo’s 50 year anniversary. On the evening of the event, “Bites and Wild Nights Art Walk,” artists set up easels and exhibit tents on the Zoo grounds. Many artists also spent weeks prior updating the art for the Zoo’ new signage that will be used for animal habitats. (see Teri Zee and Diane Schleyhahn) Others decoratively painted the existing large on-ground sculptures. (see Mary Ellen Strack, Bernie White Hatcher, Monica Hohimer and Jen Ishmael)  

 “It was a fulfilling and enjoyable partnership,” said Mary Ellen Strack, Pharmacy artist and event coordinator. “Artists who participated really loved spending time on the projects they chose to enhance and update. The zoo grounds, the benches, and buildings all offer great surfaces and creative possibilities for artists. Perhaps we will partner with Henson Robinson sometime again in the future.”

Teri Zee’s Lemur painting

Monica Hohimer’s Hippo

Jen Ishmael

Bernie White Hatcher’s Dolphin

Mary Ellen Strack painting

Diane  Scheyhahn Penguin painting