Repping Our City: DSI’s Program Unlocks Downtown Springfield for Young Ambassadors

Downtown Springfield Inc’s Rep the City, presented by Security Bank, a program launched in 2021 for young adults under 25 to experience downtown in a fresh, curated way, just wrapped up the 2023 season. The program aims to provide a platform for young people to experience all the unique offerings that downtown Springfield has in store for them. From culture and entertainment to dining and shopping, our ambassadors spent the month highlighting what they love about downtown on their personal social media, promoting our beloved neighborhood to their own audiences.

Discovering Downtown Springfield’s Culture:

One benefit to DSI’s Rep the City program is the enriching cultural experience it provides for its participants. Downtown Springfield is steeped in history and culture, and through guided tours and events, young adults get to explore and appreciate the heritage that makes the area so special. Whether it’s visiting historical landmarks, attending art exhibitions, or enjoying live performances, participants gain a deeper understanding of their city’s cultural fabric.

Rep Emilee Burge at The Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space

Rep Hailey Antonacci at Springfield Art Association

Dining Delights:

Rep the City participants were able to savor the diverse culinary offerings that downtown Springfield boasts. From trendy cafes to comfort food staples, ambassadors get a taste of the city’s vibrant food and drink scene. It’s not just about the food and beverages; it’s about experiencing the unique flavors that define downtown’s culinary identity.

Rep Hailey Antonacci at Obed & Isaac’s

Rep Brooke Lyons enjoying lunch at Cafe Moxo


Rep Emily Kouzios at Ad Astra Wine Bar & Market

Retail Therapy:

Shopping enthusiasts are never left out of Rep the City’s programming. Ambassadors are introduced to a wide array of boutiques and stores. From fashionable clothing and handmade artisanal goods to records and vintage home wares, reps can explore the unique shopping opportunities available in downtown Springfield. It’s a chance to support local businesses and discover hidden gems.

Rep Daisy Solorzano shopping at The Keep Store


Rep Emily Higginson shopping at Springfield Vintage


Rep Georgia Graham at Dumb Records

Connect and Engage:

Beyond cultural experiences, dining, and shopping, Rep the City provides an opportunity for young adults to connect with peers and the surrounding local community. Through social gatherings, participants forge new friendships and establish valuable connections to their fellow ambassadors and to the heart of their city.

Rep Georgia Graham at the Old Capitol Farmers Market


Rep Cicely Flynn at The Wakery’s Board Game Night


Rep Emily Higginson taking a lunch break on the Y Block

Downtown Springfield Inc’s Rep the City program is transforming the lives of young adults by providing them with unique experiences and a deeper connection to their city. It’s not just about exploring the city, but about nurturing a sense of pride and ownership in the community. As DSI continues to expand this program, it promises even more exciting opportunities for the young generation to rep their city and be part of downtown’s vitality.

Thank you again to our presenting sponsor Security Bank for making this year a success and supporting our beautiful downtown!

Interested in being a Rep next year? Send us an email!