The Fido Project has been installed!


The Fido Project is a series of bronze puppies inspired by Lincoln’s dog installed in the downtown neighborhood as a wayfinding initiative to hunt for the puppies on your way around downtown.

The Fido Project in downtown Springfield, Illinois, is a remarkable initiative that brought together the City of Springfield, the Springfield Art Association, Downtown Springfield, Inc., and the Illinois Bicentennial Committee. The Fido project aims to infuse creativity and vibrancy into the heart of the city.

The Fido project is based on Abraham Lincoln’s beloved dog, Fido, known for his loyalty and companionship. He was a yellow mutt with floppy ears and a friendly disposition. Fido was often seen by Lincoln’s side, accompanying him on walks and even to his office which is now home to the Springfield Visitor’s center. The Fido Project was the installation of four bronze-cast puppies throughout downtown Springfield. Each adorable puppy sculpture was meticulously designed, sketched, and sculpted by talented artists from the Springfield Art Association. Their artistic vision and skill brought these puppies to life, capturing the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

The Art Casting of Illinois played a crucial role in turning these artistic creations into bronze masterpieces. With their expertise in casting, they ensured that each puppy sculpture was flawlessly replicated in bronze, adding durability and a touch of elegance to the installations.

The Fido Project serves as a delightful scavenger hunt for art enthusiasts and dog lovers. These playful bronze puppies were strategically placed throughout various locations in downtown Springfield, inviting people to explore the city streets and discover the adorable sculptures.

The collaborative efforts of the City of Springfield, the Springfield Art Association, Downtown Springfield, Inc., and the Illinois Bicentennial Committee resulted in a project that not only beautified the city, but also showcased the talents of local artists. The Fido Project is a celebration of art, community, and the rich history of Illinois.  We hope you enjoy finding the puppies throughout the city!

Use the hashtag #FindingFido in any photos or videos you post!

Fido Sniffing Flower Pot | Union Station
Danny Brikshavana

Fido with Flower | Bicentennial Plaza
Sam Brown

Fido with Newspaper | 7th Street Cidery
Betsy Dollar

Sad Fido | SAA Collective
Will Norris

Fido with Bone | INB
Erin Svendsen